Exotic Trend Eye Shadow Palette

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Introducing : Exotic Trend Eye Shadow Palette - for creation of different stunning eye makeup looks! A new fresh style eye shadow palette incorporates the topics for exotic trend which is very attractive for the visual impact and brings mysterious noble feeling. Moreover, the feather pattern of the peacock symbolizes the prosperity of India. From the makeup, dress, skin color to face expression, the 4 beautiful women display their love of beauty in this exotic pattern.

Features: It consists of 48 colors, and the shades lay out accordingly from light colors to dark colors.  From left to right . orange, red, yellow, green, purple, blue and neon.

Color Combinations : 28 matte colors, 11 shimmer colors, 4 micro-shimmer colors, 5 pressed glitter colors. The highlight of the palette is the neon shades. Its colors are brighter than any others. The shades are the most outstanding from the palette.  In conclusion, this 48 colors Exotic Trend highly pigmented eye shadow palette fully meets the buyer's demand for color with different brightness and saturation.

TOP-NOTCH QUALITY : Smooth Powder and Highly Pigmented Color. Ultra-soft & high pigmentation and smooth velvety powder for easy application and blends evenly to match any skin tone. Natural shades super vibrant rainbow colors matte shine metallic eye shadow which is waterproof, sweat-proof and long lasting to make you keep a perfect makeup stay on for all day.

Cruelty Free Skin-friendly:  Safety formula, safe and healthy ingredients. Safe for sensitive skin, would not irritate your skin. With delicate texture, natural colors, gloss matte and no flying powder, easy to color with one wipe, last all day long.

A TIMELESS GIFT:  The 48 colorful eye shadow palette with 15 pcs eye shadow brushes makeup set absolutely are a perfect gift. Great idea gift for Valentine's Day, Birthday and other Festival to makeup lover, family and friends or a surprise for yourself!

Finishing : Luminous, Glitter, Shimmer, Matte and Radiant 
Waterproof / Water-Resistant: Long-lasting Eye Shadow
Shelf Life : 
3 years warranty Eye Shadow


This eyes shadow is made of Natural Mineral ingredients
1. Long-lasting
2. Easy to Wear/Apply
3. Natural Finish
4. BRIGHTEN Your Eyes
5. Waterproof / Water-Resistant

Package Included:  

1 PC 48Colors Eye shadow (We pack perfectly before shipping!)

NET WT: 72g