Cut Resistant Safety Glove

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Introducing - Cut Resistant Safety Glove - Perfectly manufactured for usage as Kitchen Glove as well as Gardening Gloves.   Keeps you hands & fingers protected.  Don't afraid of cut any more!. This best-seller is 50% Off for the next few hours!

Cut-resistant gloves are designed to protect your hands from cuts while working with sharp tools like knives, or sharp materials like metal.

Level 5 Cut Resistant Glove which can withstand at least 7.7 pounds (3,500 grams)

Many Type of Usage:

  1. Cut proof gloves
  2. Cut-resistant Kitchen Glove
  3. Fishing gloves
  4. Outdoor work glove
  5. Hunting Gloves
  6. Stab proof gloves
  7. Butcher steel gloves
  8. Camping task.


  • The highest level 5 cut resistance certification. 10 times stronger than normal gloves.
  • Protect your hand from cuts and abrasions
  • Made with non-coated glass fiber blended HPPE liner with nylon and spandex. All gloves have long cuffs for extra protection.
  • Machine washable and shrink resistant, flexible and soft even after washing.
  • Suitable for oyster shucking, meat cutting, butter mandolin, vegetables slicing, fruits peeling, wood carving, carpentry and garden working.

Material: HPPE liner, nylon, spandex
Color: Gray
S -  7.48" (19cm)
M - 8.27" ( 21cm)
L - 9.05" ( 23cm)
XL - 9.45" (24cm)
Weight: <70g
Products include:
1 Pair of gloves

Extremely high demand: expect 2-4 weeks for it to arrive (to be safe).