Portable Mini Sewing Machine

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Introducing-🌺 Portable Mini Sewing Machine🌺 Portable, Cordless, so Handy that you can bring it to any where especially on travelling!  This best selling item is on 50% off for the next few hours.

Features. Easy to Operate without any special skill.  Battery-powered.   Small but has the power of a big machine - even stitched through denim, curtains and handicrafts!  And Soft to maintenance of fine fabrics such as silk. 

  • You can bring it wherever you go.  it can be kept in Handbag, Suitcase or in the Car.
  • No electricity needed.
  • It is fun to make your own handkerchief, apron, gloves, cloth with this practical machine. 
  • Repair drapes without taking them down, repair clothing without taking it off, repair bedding without stripping the bed and so much more.
  • Mend holes and tear in no time. Just before an important event or meeting.
  • Very affordable.  It's inexpensive.
Material: Plastic + Metal
Color: White
Power by 4 x AA battery (not included)
Size: Approx. 8.85" x 3.54"(22.5cm x 9cm)
Package included-
Set 1
1 x Sewing Kits
Set 2:
1 x Sewing Machine
1 x Bobbin With Thread and Needle
Set 3:
1 x Sewing Machine
1 x Bobbin With Thread and Needle
1 x Sewing Kits

Extremely high demand: expect 2-4 weeks for it to arrive (to be safe).