Silicone Bath Towels

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Introducing 🌸 Silicone Bath Towels 🌸 - This The Best-Seller is 50% off for the next few hours.

After a long hours of working, feel very tire,  do Enjoy a refreshing bath or shower massage with this Silicon Bath Towels at home.*

Feature & Benefit :-
Multi-functional - Use for Skin Care, Exfoliate Bathing Silicone Towel, 
Peeling Body Massage, Shower Extended Scrubber, Skin Clean Shower Brushes
  • FOOD GRADE SILICONE MATERIAL - it gently exfoliates unwanted dead skin cells. It is long enough to clean all part of your back and has pull rings which are very convenient to use.  It is resistant to high temperature, cannot be rotten, it is safe and durable.
  • IDEAL FOR ALL SKIN TYPES & GROUP OF PEOPLE - Suitable for different people, children, elderly, men, women.  For use on external parts of your body - arms, legs, chest, back. Follow up with a rich lotion or cream. Keep your body healthy.   
  • DOUBLE SIDED LINES - with bump design, can effectively bring you a cleansing effect. Promotes healthy skin and activates blood circulation, makes the skin smooth
  • DEEP CLEANSING  - The brush surface is designed with a 1cm thick brush head to deepen the pores to clean dirt.
  • BACTERIA FREE - Silicone wipes are dry and thus bacteria unable to survive.
  • GENTLY  RUBBING can help you create a lot of foam. 
  • EASY STORAGE - Hooks at both ends of the brush for easy hanging and storage.

Size: 23.6" x 4.33" / 60cm x 11cm 

Extremely high demand: expect 2-4 weeks for it to arrive (to be safe).